Recepoğlu Güdül Brothers Group enjoys the esteem of performing honestly and considerately to everyone who may be effected by our activities. The existence of this respect is as important and substantial as our employees and our brands for us.

We’re primarily in the aim of being successful in commercial activities. And this means investing for growing and keeping the balance in our short and long term expediency. In this context we take care of and regard our consumers, employees, shareholders, commercial partners and the world we’re living in. In order to be successful, we have to act according to the top level behaviour standards.

The general principles included in this document reflects the standards we mention. More detailed guidence will be shaped according to the needs of different countries and companies will be founded on those principles and these inducements will be at least the same standards level with the principles.

Our objective is to give the impression of the importance of these principles not to show it as a collection of direct declarations. The application of these principles in the procedure of daily activities and each of our observance of these principles both in form and in content is very necessary.