Standards of Activities

We carry out our activities in the frame of truth , honesty and clearness and by respecting our employees’ human rigths and interest.

Legal Conformity

Recepoğlu Güdül Brothers Group and our employees have to obey the legal order and legislation of the country we have a commercial activity.


Recepoğlu Güdül Brother Group is in the opinion of the importance of difference in a working environment where mutual trust and respect is basic, moreover everyone is responsible with the success of our company’s performance and respect.

Providing safe and healthy working environment for our employees is our undertaking.We don’t employ anybody by force and don’t employ children in our activities.

- We’ll make effort for showing each of our employee’s ability and skills.
- We respect the human dignity and personal organization freedom of our employees.
- We’ll always provide the best communication with our employees by means of our company’s informantion resources and inquiry procedures.