Güdül Brothers &Recepoğlu Incorporated Company

Güdül Brothers &Recepoğlu Incorporated Company which was founded in Samsun in 1927 by Hacı Recep Güdül, has always been placed near the top in Turkey in distributorship of Unisel(Unilever-Lever-Elida) in logistics distribution receiving sector and in regional distributorship of Coca-Cola firms. Our company started Ultra Lux Boutique Construction Projects in 2004. When we look back from the point we’ve reached today, we are proud of having succeeded important things on the behalf of us, our region and Turkey. We feel gratitude to our staff and customers who share this proud with us. The steady and reliable growth that our group has shown since 1927 is a result of the philosophy which emphasizes the creativity, taking estimated risks, forward-looking and adopting market economy.
The corporate duty of Güdül Brothers & Recepoğlu Incorporated Company Group is to integrate into the foreign markets in logistics distribution and production which constitutes the basic of the activities. Because national borders are gradually losing their significance. Historic opportunities are waiting for Turkey. Making the right decision about future in such a world that lives the dynamism of communication era requires global thinking and planning. The plans that we can call realistic as well are formed even beyond our rivals’ field of view. Therefore, both as a company and as a nation, being successful in the race we’re included depends on broadening our horizons enormously.We make major strides in order to make our country and company more elegant and productive member in international society. We’re aware of our incorporate responsibility in a world where our attempts we focus on in specific sectors are tested across universal competition principles. As Güdül Brothers & Recepoğlu Incorporated Company Group, we are credited with enough financial and strategic vision for this significant duty.


We believe that we’ll succeed more work with the help of our staff whom we support by the virtue of Recepoğlu Group Incorporate Personal Training Programmes. Event Calendar, Managerial Staff, Personal Efficiency The ones who chase themselves are successful.

Each obstacle is a stage to pass. True moves make the success certain. The people who don’t care about the environment are the ones who are not self-respecting. Our determination to succeed, sense of quality and value parted with you have never changed for 80 years.